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Welcome to the official site of Orlando Martinez, I am running for City Council. Here you will be able to find information including goals, background, and a want for change. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Orlando Martinez and how I want to be a voice for my community.



Greetings Berkeley Residents,

I am Orlando Martinez, my wife and I reside in South Berkeley. I am running to be your council member for District 3. As a candidate, I am running with the interest of bettering our community by tackling the issues of homelessness, creating safety awareness, improving development programs for our youth, ensuring tax equity for all, and becoming a voice for the community. While furthering my education and career in Construction and Engineering I have remained very passionate about the enhancements and growth within our communities. I have previous experience in this as a former community actions board member. Doing that really shed light on how much of a positive change can be done when a group of motivated individuals come together. One of my priorities as your councilman will be to address the lack of affordable housing and homelessness, within our community. I also find importance in improving our public safety, ranging from fixing our street lights to ensure our community members are safe while they cross our streets at night, to having their voices heard when they speak out in disagreement. 

As your council member I will focus on the opportunities of our youth, creating opportunities for them must be a priority for us all. Their futures are in a balance right now and we must act to ensure their futures are as prosperous as they choose them to be. As your Councilmember, I will be committed to hearing the voices of our community members for the enhancement of our Berkeley. 

With my background I will bring a different perspective to the way change can happen. Being that most of my career has been working in Construction, Management, & Engineering, I view our city as a place which can be improved while embracing the beauties that come with it. Since becoming a resident of Berkeley, it has given me the chance to see how inclusive and diverse the city is. I would like to reassure our community members that their opinions and concerns will be heard and understood with me as your councilman. 


Vote For a Change

Thank you for your interest, change can happen within our community. Voting for me is a great start!

District 3 Berkeley, California

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